Member Extravaganza!

Discover New Long-Term Referral Partners!

Every year, BNI hosts Member Extravaganza! BNI chapters schedule at least one growth event during this time. In addition, social events and other chapter activities are often scheduled. Why? To increase that chapter's social capital and community influence. The goal of Member Extravaganza! is to create equally successful opportunities for all members.

((Details about the next Member Extravaganza coming soon.))

Who to Invite to Member Extravaganza?

Since a BNI Visitor Day has a specific focus on chapter growth, the ideal person to invite
(1) has a business they would like to represent and grow, and
(2) has never been to BNI before.

These people are considered qualified visitors.

Avoid inviting co-workers, family and friends (unless they meet the two criteria above), BNI members from other chapters, or BNI alumni. To get better results, start with qualified visitors.


While profession is important, finding a solid referral partner is more about the person.

Who do you think of when you consider the characteristics listed below? Invite them to network with you & other like-minded business people! 

- An Entrepreneur: Those who have started their own business. 
- A Leader: Those who possess leadership qualities and have modeled this in other organizations 
- A Driver: Those who take initiative and are willing to commit and work toward achieving mutual goals. 
- A Visionary: Those who have goals for the future and they know where they want to be over the next 3-5 years and beyond. 
- A Team Builder: Those who understand the importance of building teams for mutual benefit. 
- A Positive and Supportive Attitude: Those who have a positive outlook and a "can do" attitude. 
- A Passion: Those who are able to share why they are passionate about what they do in a compelling way. 
- A Givers Gain® Mindset: Those who are willing to help others reach for their goals and love connecting people. 
- A Stable Business: Those who have a business that is established AND has room to grow. 
- A Desire for Referrals: Those who want to establish long-term, meaningful relationships that result in increased business.

Your Chapter Marketing Toolbox


- Your chapter's Graphic Designer or Printer can customize/download/print these files.
- Your Social Media Manager can publish them to Facebook or Instagram.

**NOTE: Editing & downloading graphics provided in toolbox requires someone experienced with** 


- BNI Alabama "Success in Six" Visitors Day Manual
- Visitors Day Tracking Sheet
- Visitor Sign-In Sheet
- Classifications list


Visitor Correspondence Options:
- Letter-size invitations
- Business Card-size invitations
- Postcard-size invitations

Social Media Graphics:
- Facebook Event Cover Graphic
- Facebook Post Graphic
- Instagram Post Graphic


After-Event Follow-Up! 

Week Following Member Extravaganza: 
- Some visitors attended but didn't apply for membership.
- Some guests said they would attend, but weren't there.
- Some couldn't attend at all.


- If they visited, have your Chapter Graphic Designer or Printer download & print the Thank You Cards included in your Marketing Toolbox (see link above). Mail these cards with personal, handwritten notes.
- Regardless if they visited or not, call & invite them back to your next meeting or social event.
- If they express further interest, invite them to apply for membership online.
- Consider planning another Visitors Day in 6 months to keep the momentum going!

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