Chapter Leader Resources

Order Chapter Supplies

Supplies are ordered only by Presidents, VPs, Director Consultants, Area Directors, and Launch Directors. Order Supplies by Clicking Here  

Chapter Leader Resources

Agendas, Categories, Tools. 

  1. Download a meeting agenda PDF
  2. Download list of BNI categories PDF 
  3. Use this tool to calculate member traffic lights. Caveat: You will only be able to run PALMS reports for past or present members in your chapter, or in chapters you manage as a Director.

BNI Connect®  New Timer App

July 28, 2020 - We have a new BNI timer app! Download it today:

Member Transfers & Changes

For members wishing to transfer, change seats, or take a leave of absence. View member change option on this PDF (read all pages of it), Then choose from these options: 

  1. Seat change request? Apply here
  2. Chapter transfer? Apply here
  3. Medical Leave of Absence or a Certificate of Credit? Apply here

Accountability Letters

NOTE: as of May 7, 2019, letters regarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd absence are now automatically emailed to members through BNI after PALMS report is submitted. Chapters no longer send these three absence letters.  

Click here to create all other letters:

  1. Opening a member's seat by declining their renewal application
  2. Opening a member's seat due to violation
  3. Probation letters (sent to members)
  4. Non-acceptance letters (sent to applicants only)

Submitting Reports

For Directors and Chapter Leaders. Send your Chapter Success Meeting Reports to Jerry Williamson 

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